Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Birthday

Can I just say that December birthday's are hard. Jaelynn's birthday is December 7th and she is sooooo excited. I am excited for her but also a little bit frazzled. Everybody is so busy this time of year. We're all trying to recover from Thanksgiving and get ready for all the family Christmas parties. WHEW!
My mom always made my birthday special. I never felt like I was overlooked because my birthday was so close to Christmas, so I want to be able to do the same thing for Jaelynn. This year we decided to hire a magician for her party. (We saw a magician over at Hollywood Connection the other day and she was so in awe over the tricks) It was so cute to see the amazement in her eyes. That's how we decided to look around for one.
I would love for all of Jae's little friends and cousins to be able to come so for those who are free this Saturday, December 6th, leave me your e-mail addresses so I can send you the details. We will be having it in a public place so if the parents want to stay and watch, they are more than welcome. :)


snyderstories said...

I know what you mean about December birthdays. Mine is right after Christmas and my mom, like yours always made sure it was separate from the holiday and special. See you Saturday!

Anonymous said...

We have a Dec Anniversary and that sucks too! What were we thinking getting married 8 days before Christmas!

Happy Birthday to Jaelynn. I won't be home but I'll ask Bryan if he wants to come by...I'm sure Quinton would love to come and play and see the magician.

The Holmes Family said...

Hey Lisa, you are a great mom. You do so much for your girls, and you can tell they just love you to peices. I'm way excited for her birthday. I think I'm more excited about the magician then Jamie is. hehe..