Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Favorite (5 year old ) Quotes

Thanks to everybody for the nice comments from my previous post. I decided we're all in the same boat at one time or another, so as long as we all know that we can vent and cry and get advice from each other, we can feel better just knowing we have some support out there!

On a more positive note, I was reading my friend Tyler's blog a while back, and he had made some really fun comments on how his son was asking some legitimate 6 yr old questions. You don't realize how a child views the world until they ask you their curious little questions. It made me smile and think of that show "Kids say the darndest things." I decided to post some of the fun things that Jaelynn has asked me that I promised I would write down but haven't yet.

1. We were driving down the road fall of last year. We made comments about how there were so many leaves on the ground and how fun it would be to rake them up and jump into them. She asked me "Mom how do the leaves get back onto the trees?" I smiled and told her that they grow new ones in the spring. Her reply "Wait, wait, wait...I thought they just floated back up."

2. Jae and I were talking about a doctor's appt. I had to go to. I told her I had to go see the same doctor that delivered Lexie. She said "Delivered?" "Like put her in a box in the back of a truck and deliver her to our house?" (She was there when Lexie was born, so she understands how babies are born, the word "deliver" just threw her off a little." :)

3. We had gone to Red Lobster for Rory's birthday a couple of years ago. Her nose was glued to the glass of the giant lobster tank in the front. A couple days later we were at my parents house and she was explaining to grandpa what she saw in the "crab tank" He wasn't quite sure what she was saying so he asked "What? Crab cakes?" Her reply "No, crab tank." My Dad: "What about crab cakes?" Jaleynn a little frustrated at this point said "LOOK AT MY MOUTH... CRAB TANK!" (When Jaelynn was learning to speak. I told her to look at my mouth to see how I was saying the words.)

4. Just a couple of days ago. I was having a rough day (As most of you could tell by my previous post). We were driving along when Jaleynn says "Mom, I love you". I said "Jae you are such a sweetheart. I love you too." Jae then replied "Am I making your day any better?" I told her "Of course you made my day better. Thank you for being so thoughtful and making me smile." She said "That's what I'm here for. That's what I was made for."...."Is that what kids are made for?"...."I actually don't know what kids are made for, but I like 'em."

5. Jaelynn and I were talking about her old daycare. There was a little boy named Aidan that she had grown very fond of. She told me she and Aidan were going to get married when they grew up. They would play together at every recess even though he was in the kindergarten class and she was only a pre-schooler. She was missing him the other day and said to me. "I miss my friend Aidan. Do you think he misses me?" I said "I'm sure he misses you too. You guys were really good friends." She said "Do you know how we decided to get married?" I said "No. Tell me." She said "Well, we were at recess one day playing in the sand box and I told him that I liked him. He told me he liked me too, so when we grow up we'll get married."....."So, when we both grow up we'll find each other and get married...Okay?" I just smiled and said "Okay."

There are so many fun things she's said, but I didn't write them down, so unfortunately I've forgotten some of them. I've decided that starting today, I'm going to keep a notebook handy and when I hear her say some of those little comments that make me smile, I'll write them down before I forget.

If anybody else has some fun "kidisms" I'd love to hear them.


Sher said...

I love these comments Lisa. I laughed out loud about the leaves one!! So cute! I need to listen more to my kids I think. I have a friend that has a notebook by her bed and at the end of each day, she writes down those funny comments from her kids. Such a great idea! I really need to do that too!

I hope you are having a better day. I have just decided that we all go through those same kind of challenges. I am sitting here trying to find some words of wisdom but I am definitely not one that can put my thoughts down quite right, but what I try to do is just get through the day and hopefullly the next day will be better. I then wake up the next day and try to be as positive as I can about life and the day seems to go by just fine. Just knowing that others are going through those same kind of challenges help too. It could always be worse right? Boy I hope you can find some relief with some of those challenges. Your family living with do you do it?

Trinbean said...

I just want to gibve Jay a big hug...she is the cutest thing. I especially loved I think it was the 3rd one down about making your day better...OHHH it brought tears to my eyes. See this is the things we should focus on....the things that make life so wonderful!!!

cute cute cute!!!

The Holmes Family said...

Jae has had the funniest comments, I wish I could remember them too, cause they always crack me up. I thought it was pretty funny when Jaelynn said something like, "Jamie's little, and can't say things right. I talk gooder huh Aunt Julie?".
Great idea about the notepad, I really need to start doing that, especially with Camrie, little miss copy cat, and Jamie learning new things everyday.

Anonymous said...

So cute all these things! I actually made a book once to put some things in that Quinton says. He comes up with some weird ones I tell ya! Not sure I should share!;)

snyderstories said...

Don't forget, "I'm just saying..." Somehow we've all inexplicably come to using that phrase.