Thursday, October 16, 2008

Karma Kick

For some reason lately I've been thinking about KARMA. You know that belief that one's behavior good or bad will turn around and come right back at them. Those who are truly good people, good things will happen to them, and those who are not.....well you get the picture.
I've been thinking about all the people around me and the things that are happening in their lives right now. I think that Wendy is such a good person and deserves so much better than she's getting right now. Maybe it just takes a little time and when you least expect it something wonderful will happen. As for Russ, I don't wish any harm to befall him but I do wish he is miserable with his choices and feels guilt for the rest of his life. I hope he is as unhappy as he has made everybody else. Wendy I hope you don't mind me mentioning you in my little rant. I love you and hate to see how sad you are right now.
Another example that makes me so angry are those soulless people out in cyberspace that steal money from so many unsuspecting and trusting people. They could care less who they hurt as long as they make a quick buck. I read so many stories recently about single mothers working two jobs just to make ends meet and along comes a smooth talker making very persuasive promises to help provide a better life. There goes the very last cent of savings and there goes what's left on the credit card. What did the family get in return? NOTHING. Not a darn thing. Those heartless jokers that just took food out of the mouths of that poor family make me so furious. How on earth do they sleep at night? I really hope karma roundhouse kicks them where the sun don't shine!
As for the good people in life, you all know who you are, I also believe very highly in blessings. I would love nothing more than to see you all blessed with amazingly happy lives. I've heard a certain quote from several places but have no idea who came up with it "God blesses many people with riches and material items, BUT for those he truly loves, he blesses with contentment." There are so many people out there, myself included, that think "If I only had money I know it would solve all my problems and I could be happy." , but I have come to realize that my family and friends are what make me happy.
Thank you for letting me get on my soapbox and vent a little. You know there are some days where you just gotta let it all out. Today was that day for me. Love you all for stopping by!


Tyler said...

Lisa, I love seeing this side of you! Sometimes one gets a little pent up energy and needs to release it. I identify perfectly...and a blog is a great place to get medieval on folks.

My favorite all time quote came from my grandpa, I'm not sure if you ever met him or not. But he always said "Not wanting something is just as good as having it." I think that's a perfect snapshot into the nature of contentment. Be happy with what you have, appreciate what you get, and be thankful for excess. I sure hope your friends/family find the contentment they obviously deserve!

Jodi said...

I always think about Karma, I always feel like its what goes around comes around. I love your rant it is sooo true.

Trinbean said...

Lisa this is so silly of me but you made me cry!!! I really needed to read this today. Mike and I are having such a hard time financially and i know we are not the only one. The Economy sucks right now, everything is going up in price and somedays I feel like we are getting more and more in debt just to make it day in and day out. So thanks for reminding me what is more important in life...NOT MONEY...our family and friends and all the special people around us. I am content in my life, but somedays it is frustrating to work your BUTT off to make money to support your family and even then sometimes thats not enough.
So thanks...tough time, but I hope I am a good enough person Karma with send something good & EXCITING my way!!!

Sherri said...

I read your blog and thought of the same quote from Tyler's grandpa that he shared with you above. HA! He beat me to it!

The Holmes Family said...

Wow, Lis, that's DEEP. I know all to well about those fonies that tell you they can help you make money. Ask me sometime, I have a doosie for you.
Thanks for dinner last night it was SOOOO good. Your the best.

Deanna said...

Okay, after reading Trina's comment I felt compelled... It is not secret that Chris and I make decent money, I am in no way bragging, but proof that happiness isn't found in a dollar bill. I have always been materialistic, don't know why, maybe I think it will make me feel better. But what is the trade. I work late on Friday night, drive my fancy car home to come home to an empty house. I can guarantee that the more money you make, the more you will spend. So when you are sinking further in debt, don't think about the cost, but the payoff. It is to provide a home and food for those sweet little babies that can just make you laugh at the silliest thing. Sweet little Cam, talking in a deep voice. Or Jae teaching you how to pour a glass a milk one step at a time. Even when you think you could throw one of them across the room, remember how sweet she was cuddled up into her changing mat because it is so soft. Now, would you trade your debt, for those moments? When you are trying to meet those ends... remember, they can't eat you. They can shut off your phone, or take your house. But if you are a good person, there is always somewhere else you can live, and it will just be quiet now because you don't have to listen to the phone. Now, my good Karma is that I get to spoil all of those babies that you all work so hard to support. I will always be the favorite aunt!

snyderstories said...

Great rant, Lisa! You have said what most of us feel ourselves. Deanna, thank you for your words. They were quite profound.

Wendy said...

Lisa, I love you, Thanks so much!! You have me crying now too!!! Its funny but I always think I'm okay for the most part but today when I talked to several people they mentioned to me how down i seemed, I dont always realize it and I hate it!! Even though its so hard and it hurts so bad right now, I know it'll all be okay someday!! I just appreciate all the love and support from all of you, thats what has helped me hang in there as long as I have!! Just dont know what I'd do without all my family and friends right now!!! I love you all!!!